The name Kanajt comes from the latin word CANNA,CANNETUM which means canna. This fact demonstrates that canna used to be cultivated on this teritory for different purposes.
The name was first mentioned in 1419. denominating village and S. Peter's chapel. This chapel is today situated near the hotel Kanajt
The building was used as a bishop manison in 1528. The role of the building has changed through the past ( it used to be agricultural good, fruit and vegetables seedbad, housekeeper school ).

Kanajt in the year 1955
The house and the territory were in posession of bishop in 1558. The building was either demolished or completely rearranged in 1692. by bishop B. Novosadin. According to the figures, it was either enlarged or a new building was constructed near the S. Peter's chapel for his inheritors.
The biggest part of the front wall of the building is well conserved, and the windows are the best example of this fact. In 1956. the building was used as a vacation house and was owned by Macedonian Chamber of Commerce. It was bought by Marina Punat in 1982. The building was rearrangend in the restaurant in 1988. and in 1998. the upper floors were organized in a high quality hotel.

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